Manufacturing process

At WS4x4 we are always trying to improve our products. We have employed some of the latest technologies including CAD and Laser cutting to try and make our products the best on the market. Below is the four step process that we use



 We have recentley invested in a CAD system so that we are able to bring the design of all our products in house making it easier to design bespoke products for our customers.



After the design has been completed we send the design to the laser cutter. This machine is extremely precise and cuts out each individual part to within one tenth of a millimetre




After the pieces have been cut and inspected they are moved on to the construction area where they are jigged up and MIG welded. This process fuses the separate pieces together and provides an extremely strong bond. For extra security all joints are welded both sides.




The shot blasting process is an extremely important part of the finishing process as it removes all of the grit and grime from the surface of the metal and allows a good key for the all important powder coat finish.




After our products have been shot blasted they are then placed in an gas oven to bring them up to temperature, they are then coated with Zinc Oxide which acts as both a key for the top coat and also a rust inhibiter, they are then cooked for a further ten minutes after which the top gloss coat is applied, they are then cooked for a further ten minutes and allowed to cool. This process offers an extremely high level of protection for the finished product.